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Art & Wellbeing Workshops in Auckland

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Art & Wellbeing Workshops - Auckland

The Art & Wellbeing two day workshop(s) aimed at relaxing the mind and body through art expression. It's a form of meditation where calmness, creativity and inspiration may be achieved.

Participants came together and expressed their thoughts and emotions through individual drawing, within a group setting along with music in the background. With guidance from the facilitator, participants created meaning to their artwork, and at the end of the session, were surprised at what initially had been meaningless doodles turned out into personal masterpieces.

This workshop was facilitated by Smita Updahye, an Indian contemporary artist based in Auckland. Smita’s artwork has won several awards in India, and she has exhibited her paintings around New Zealand. Her work has won accolades and prizes here in New Zealand too. Smita shares her passion, knowledge and inspiration through art classes and workshops such as this, bringing out the latent talents in people and providing inspiration.

The workshop was organised by CATNZ in partnership with Hannah Sports & Culture Association Incorporated with funding from the Dragons Community Trust

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