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Past events | Diwali Festivals in Aotearoa

since 2009

· Cultural Festivals

Communities Actions Trust has been bringing the Diwali Festival to life for over a decade now in both Auckland and Wellington.

Since 2009, CATNZ produced the Diwali festivals in conjunction with Wellington City Council and Asia New Zealand Foundation.

CATNZ also plays a key role in the Auckland Diwali Festival (the largest Indian festival in Aotearoa) since 2012. We collaborated with ATEED to design the street activations for Auckland Diwali, and have been delivering the much loved and popular street zone activations of the event.  

CATNZ contributed to the Rugby World Cup events, organising cultural activations in Wellington International Airport.

CATNZ also worked on the Auckland Lantern Festival, delivering on the work around hosting and managing the international artists liaison programme.

CATNZ was the force behind the first ever street performance at the Auckland Diwali festival in 2012

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