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School Holidays Cultural Workshops

Auckland - New Lynn Community Centre

· Auckland

During the September School holidays, CATNZ coordinated the Rangoli (design patterns) and Diya (clay lamp) making workshops in West Auckland.

Rangoli making workshop on 02/Oct/17

Rangoli Design making workshop focuses on learning of technique and handling of Rangoli, marble powder. Rangoli, the term is derived from ‘Rang (Colour) + Oli (rows) = Rows of colours.

Making of Rangoli Designs is a unique Indian traditional folk art, decorating floors with patterns made from coloured powders. These designs may be drawn at the entrance of houses, in puja (prayer) rooms, temples or in the kitchen.

The diverse participants enjoyed learning a new art form and understood an aspect of Indian culture and about Diwali.

Diwali Diya (clay lamp) decoration Workshop on 09/Oct/17

At this workshop, participants learnt to apply and decorate the Diya ( clay lamp) with beautiful Indian designs using colours and glitters. Diyas are very special in Indian tradition. It is a symbol of hope and new beginnings. Diyas are used to light and illuminate the entrance to houses, illuminate the puja (prayer) rooms, temples and festivals during Diwali and other spiritual and religious festivals.


The workshops facilitated by Auckland based artist Smita Upadhye were well received. CATNZ intends to continue with similar workshops during school holidays. 

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